Video Indexing

Video Indexing refers to the capability of accessing specific segments of a video presentation. For example, in a 4-hour meeting presentation, 15-20 or more topics may be covered. However, a viewer may be interested in only one or two of these topics. It is highly inefficient for viewers to watch a 4-hour presentation to glean the 15-minutes of information which interests them. Indexed Video provides the solution to this challenge.

Any streaming video can be quickly indexed, complete with titles and descriptions. The resultant on-demand video presentation allows viewers to select each agenda item or segment of interest from a scrolling list. This process saves hours of wasted time for the viewers and fosters much greater participation.

Searchable Video

Once a video has been indexed with titles and descriptions for the unique segments, viewers can search individual videos (or across all videos) for specific keywords or phrases. The search results will display all instances of those keywords in any and all available presentations. By selecting any segment, the video referenced by it will be played. This process is particularly useful when a viewer wishes to research the history of a particular issue or topic.

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Document Attachment

Once a video has been indexed, then related documents, images and even links to other websites can be attached to each segment and agenda item --- or to an entire meeting. Viewers can easily see all of the supporting material with a single mouse click.

The Indexing Process

Streaming video can be indexed either "post-facto" (once the video file has been recorded) or "live" (as a meeting is occurring).

"Post Event" Indexing can be accomplished via any PC with access to the Internet. The streaming video file is recorded locally on the streaming encoder and then uploaded to our media distribution servers via the easy-to-use browser-based interface. The administrator then simply designates the beginning and end of each video segment or agenda item and adds a title, description and a basic description or meeting minutes. This text can be manually entered, cut and pasted from an existing document, or imported in total from a properly formatted existing document or agenda.

"Live Indexing" can also be accomplished via any PC with Internet access. With the Live Indexing process, the streaming video file is recorded directly onto the remote distribution servers as the meeting is being streamed live to the Internet.

Agenda items (including title, description and basic minutes) may be preloaded and imported in advance to make the process more efficient, or entered in real-time as the meeting occurs. The administrator simply clicks a button at the beginning and end of each segment or agenda item. At the end of the meeting, the administrator reviews his/her work and can publish the indexed video to our servers for immediate viewing via the Internet just seconds after the conclusion of the meeting.

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