TinyClip Media Clip Tool

TinyClip allows your viewers to instantly create unique short-clips of specific sub-sections of your long form content for use as a link and/or to embed on a web site or blog. Now your viewers can share the specific information or topic that is most relevant to them and their colleagues, quickly and easily.

How TinyClip Works

While watching a specific video program, the participant launches the TinyClip tool and selects the starting point and the end point of the clip that they would like to capture. Next, a direct web link to their unique clip is generated which can then be sent to others in an email. Also, a string of HTML code is generated which the participant can embed on a web page to enable others visitors to watch on the participant's personal web site.

Here is a "funny clip" example created by using TinyClip to generate a short segment from a longer business presentation:

Sample TinyClip

Once you’ve created a TinyClip segment, you can either use a direct email link, or an "embed code" to place it directly onto your web site. Create one yourself by visiting the TinyClip action page for a Business Promotion using the Undercover Printer example above. Although this is a humorous example, you will readily see the advantage of clipping short segments from arduous committee and government meetings.

Here is a TinyClip action page sample for Indie Music artists.


TinyClip is a revolutionary new media clipping tool that allows your viewers to easily share video clips via e-mail, web sites, blogs and forums.

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