Pricing for business webcasting and video marketing services is based on specific client factors such as whether the client is local government, corporate, or small business based, and whether the service involves OnDemand and/or Live Streaming and any other additional requirements.

A simple project to host and display a small business, sports, or entertainment video with TinyClip on your existing web page can be provided by Videokast for as little as a $49 one-time fee!

Please contact us to discuss your options.


Large Business and Local Government Meeting and Indexing Services
include the following:

• Unlimited U.S. viewer bandwidth for both Live and Video On Demand (VOD) streams
• Adequate bandwidth to support a minimum of 4,000 simultaneous streams
• Streaming servers with 1.0-Gigabit connection to the Internet
• 99+% Server uptime guaranteed
• Unlimited use of EC-Indexer software for easy indexing and linking of VOD files
• Live Streaming option
• OnDemand Streaming
• Media Indexing
• Cross-Platform Media Player
• Basic Viewership Reporting
• Low-bandwidth Live Audio Simulcast
• TinyClip media clipping tool
• Unlimited support
• Telephone-assisted Setup and Training
• No contract required. Purchase Order simplicity.

Optional Features:

• Server Side Recording
• Real Time Indexing
• Advanced Viewership Reporting
• Closed Captioning for Live Streams
• Closed Captioning for OnDemand
• Document Integration

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