Video Marketing Demo Examples

Once your video is uploaded and resident on our media servers, you have several options to position, display, and distribute your presentation, meeting, or event:

(1) Place the embedded video display code that we provide to you on any web page. Surround your video with all kinds of commentary, sidebars, advertising, etc. and distribute the URL for interested parties to view -- just like this embedded government meeting video displayed here.


(2) Or create a special email, Twitter, or Facebook link that sends visitors to a specific Landing and Launch Page.

Sample Landing Page

(3) Or create a separate Agenda Document/PDF to distribute to interested persons showing each Agenda Item hyperlinked to the referenced index segment of the meeting.

(4) Or ask us to assist you in creating and displaying a uniquely designed video launch page that will match your overall web site 'look-and-feel'.

For more examples related to local government implementations, see the Washington DC Office of Zoning or visit Yuma County, AZ

There is much flexibility to discuss...

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